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March 3rd


Donna D Boyette: "Good idea, and I recommend it to you. YES, YOU. You!"



March 2nd


Kim Komando: "We all dream about the things we would like to accomplish. The best way to achieve those dreams is to set goals. But sometimes we need a little help meeting our goals. The first step is to track your progress. Watching your progress is an encouraging experience. Joe's Goals will help you do that."



January 29th


FaithFromPain: "Joe's Goal's report clearly shows that every Migraine attack corresponds exactly to a time when I stopped cycling. Furthermore, there are only two times when I had a Migraine on the same day that I went cycling. Each dip in the report, for a Migraine, corresponds to a time when I stopped cycling for one reason or another"



January 12th


Mindware: "Joe's Goals is 100% Free and requires no downloads. It emphasizes breaking habits rather than achieving goals which is a twist which may work for some of you."


Ben Forta Ben Forta: "Joe's Goals is an online application used to track goals, and sister site Joe's Logbook does the same for journaling thoughts. Both sites leverage Ajax UI and have been covered extensively by the press. And of course, they are powered by ColdFusion."



January 11th


SusiePie: "Joe's Goals can help you stick with those resolutions. I've been using it and it's a fun system."



January 9th


Give me a Lions Heart: "Our fearless leader and fellow blogger, Michael Hyatt discovered a free, online tool for tracking goals. It's called Joe's Goals. I decided to give it a try. Here's how I'm doing with all my goals."



January 8th


Missionary Geek: "Last May I discovered Joe's Goals which has really helped me track the ?one things? in my life. Joe's Goals allows me to make my disciplines regular, instead of daily. That way I don't get too hung up, too neurotic about them."


Freelance Writing Jobs: "Take the Freelance Writing Jobs/Write Path Weight Loss Challenge."



January 7th "Well, even though everyone and their blogging cousin has been raving about these new organizational programs/websites/etc. floating around, I?m going to do it, too. Not to steal blogging ideas, but because I did sign up for an account with Joe?s Goals, and, well, am loving it so far."


Monastery of Idealism: "It?s like?when you were little, and your mommy printed out a chart with your chores on it and taped it to your door and then gave you gold and silver and pretty colored stars to put on the squares when you?d picked up your toys or swept the floor or took out the trash. Except it?s online. And has shiney smiley faces. Yeah, the UI does it for me on this one, as well as the very simple concept."



January 6th


Sree Tips: "One of the most useful sites I have come across in a long time. It's a great way to track your goals - financial to health to diet or anything else - in a fun, easy-to-use way. Am hooked!"


WABC 7 in New York: Video Review on ABC Morning Show


Sean McManus: "Record your daily habits, good and bad. You can publish your chart or keep it private. At the end of the week, you'll see how many times you did the things you want to do more of, and also how many times you succumbed to those you should do a lot less. Your daily score helps you to track progress."


girlrobot: "Made some New Year?s Resolutions and want to keep track of them? Joe?s Goals is an easy and fun way to do just that. You can add checkmarks on days where you accomplished your goals and Xs where you didn?t."



January 5th


Mrs. Write: Musings of a Writing Wife: "You can create your own customized chart of things you want to improve upon, and keep track of your goals, whether they?re things you want to do, or things you don?t want to do. Smiley faces and frowny faces, green check marks and red Xs keep track of your daily, weekly, and longer progress. It?s reminiscent of Benjamin Franklin?s personal guideline tracker"


The Knack Of It: "It just keeps getting better and better."


WBAL TV Marylan d: "A guy named Joe had some bad habits he wanted to break. He also had some skills at creating interesting websites. The result: a personal site that allowed him to track his progress and setbacks. Now Joe has opened his site up for everyone to use." - Technology in Education: "I love this site for its simplicity and visual feedback. Students could use this to help set goals for themselves. Middle school heavily emphasizes advisory in which we work on values, choices, leadership, and advise students on their grades. Advisory students could use this site to track their personal goals one day at a time."



January 4th


The Write Path: "I can think of many uses for this. One cool idea is joining in on a challenge with others, and whomever ends up with the most points wins. It's great to see if you're making your way to your goals successfully. There is just something about a number that tells you if you're doing well or not (i.e. your weight). The visual representation of your accomplishments (or failures) is key to its effectiveness."


Michael S Hyatt - CEO Thomas Nelson Publishers: "It's definitely worth a look if you are a goal nerd like me."



January 3rd


Lifehacker: "You've decided to quit smoking, post to your blog, bring lunch to work or regulate your sleeping patterns every day. Track your progress with Joe's Goals, a Ben Franklin-esque daily points counter. Did you spend the whole day without biting your nails once? Give yourself a point in Joe's Goals. If not, subtract a point. Great for gamers who want to set up a little personal competition for self-improvement."


Random Thoughts: "One of the favorite goals for the guy that created Joe's Goals is to "Bless Others". What a neat idea! How would your life change if you adopted that as one of your goals?"


Tritone Substitution: "Joe's Goals is a great self-monitoring web-based application that will add and subtract points for the various things you assign."


Get Rich Slowly: "Ask the Readers: Best Tools for Tracking Resolutions? Joe?s Goals is an easy-to-use goal-tracking app. It lets you track positive and negative goals, and keeps a daily record of your progress. It?s free!"


Sonja: "I just discovered this one today, but wow. Super nifty. So simple and yet so powerful. I'm tracking all of my resolutions in one tiny little easy-to-use app. Heartily endorsed."



January 2nd


CEO Blog - Time Leadership: "There is a good site called Joe's Goals that allow people to set and track their goals."


Schmucknews's Podcast: "Here's a free online tool to help you do the things you want to do. Joe's Goals is a website that let's you define your positive and negative goals, and then track your progress. When you do something towards a goal, you click on the goal. And the online software keeps count."


Egret's Nest: "Great for those new habits you want to build into your life."


Meri Williams Weblog: "Joe?s Goals helps you document your resolutions AND track your behaviour ? so you can realise where you?re doing well (typically where you?ve managed to install the routine required) and where you?re doing badly."



January 1st


Random Technology: "The interface is dead simple and the application just does what it's supposed to do. There are a few other niceties: export to CSV and badge tracking display for a widget or on your blog."



December 30th "awesome and easy to use!"



December 14th


Heavy Weight: "I really enjoying logging into Joe's goals every day and checking off yet another workout."



October 10th


Busy Blogger: "I've been finding it very useful for keeping track of how I?m spending my time and to see what tasks I?ve fallen behind on."



October 9th


Freeware Genius: "I am giving this one 5 stars for innovation and originality."



October 8th


Relentless Productivity: "There is nothing wrong with having short term goals. I think it is a good thing, and is just one way of getting things done day-to-day. In fact, one of the best Sith productivity tools out there, Joe's Goals, is all about achieving short (same day) goals. The evil in goals is in long term goals like "I will make 10 million dollars", not short term goals, like ?I will exercise this morning?"


Silver Penguins: "The moment I saw Joe's Goals, I knew I liked it."


Stir Fry Kitty: "For every point that I earn I get 1 dollar. There are a couple of things that I want to buy. I'd like to get a really good pair of designer sunglasses, but the frugal girl in me won't let me spend money on such a thing. Same with a designer handbag of some kind. But I'm going to let myself get these things if I've earned them by developing good habits. So, 1 dollar per point, it will take some time to earn the frivolous things that I want, but I will earn them."



October 6th


New Kinds of Wrong: "I add goals (write Last Dreamer every day; don't snack often) and every time I make a goal or break a goal, I put a little mark on the calendar! I hope looking at all those glaring red X's will keep me from eating my third snack of the evening, even if I'm only snacking on fruit. Very simple, very shiny."



October 5th


HOUSEOFFUSION HOUSEOFFUSION: "nice example how a CF app can scale to handle decent traffic and can easily & effectively incorporate Ajax/DOM/DHTML technology to build a usable site."


stories from a Web Junkie life: "I'm not the organized type, but I know others strive for an organized life. These tools might actually help."



October 4th


Screeniac Screeniac: "[video] You can create a logbook for a dream journal, a travel log, or a writing journal. You can create as many as you want and log journal entries right from your joes goals page without having to sign up for anything new."


LifeHacker LifeHacker: "Web application Joe's Logbook is a tool designed to help you keep several small, user-specified journals (er, logbooks) which you can update at any time from a simple grid."


clear.your.mind clear.your.mind: "For those who doesn't know it, JoeGoals is a web application aimed to help you in your way to become a more productive person, in every aspect of your life. Today, on the joe goals blog I saw a post that made my day more happy than what it was planned to be. Joe Goals passed the 10,000 registered users; that's amazing guys!"


Later On: "for those who track goals and their accomplishments"


Ajaxian Ajaxian: "The tool lets users edit multiple journals in a single ?grid? like interface. This makes it easy to create a food journal, a dream journal, and a personal journal and then update them all at the same time."



October 2nd "Joe's Goals is a great way to keep track of things you want to accomplish. It is easy to use. I use it to keep track of food, excercise, and a few other goals. It's nice to be able to see how I'm doing over time - and they just added a feature where you can keep daily notes. It's like an elementary school star chart - only for adults - nothing wrong with positive reinforcement."


Download Squad Download Squad: "Ian Smith, the "Joe" of Joe's Goals, has launched Joe's Logbook, a companion site that's integrated with Joe's Goals and lets you track your life's ups and (if you please) downs with a little more specificity."



October 1st


devon: "So, joesgoals has added a really cool feature where you can add a "logbook". That lets you name the log and put text into it for each day, rather than just checking it off. I'm trying to track my mood that way, rather than creating some weird checkmark system."



September 30th "EYDL sits down with Ian Smith, the creator of Joe's Goals, and gets the scoop on the site that helps you track your goals and vices in a community setting."



September 22nd


LifeDev: "Shmancy ajax personal goal tracker. I signed up for an account, and it's pretty fun."



September 21th


Caitlin in London: "Joe's Goals lets you have goals of both things you are trying to do and things you are trying not to do so you can rate how "good" you are in any given day. So you might score points for exercise, writing fiction and taking your lunch to work but lose points for biting your nails and checking email incessantly, for example."



September 19th


Ancora Imparo: "You know how they say that you can create (or end) new habits in 21 days? I can totally see this as a tool to make sure you MAKE it the whole 21 days!"



September 18th


Adult ADD Strengths: "It's great way for people with ADD to track their goals online and increase the chance of them achieving it. Highly recommended."



September 11th


Scott And Stuff: "Joe's goals has been helpful to me for several reasons: I have immediate feedback and reminder for how lax I have been with a particular goal; checking things off is satisfying and rewarding; and I can share my goals with others for accountability purposes."



September 9th


Where Are We: "I started a daily goal list on Joe's Goals ( and kept track of what I needed to get done. That is kind of funny because it's a website to keep track of myself so I spend less time on the net, HA!"



September 6th


Desi's Vox: "I signed up with It is a great tracking website that you can put in any goals you want and it will keep track of them for you."



August 30th


JT's Tri-spot: "In FireFox, which I use for anything not work-related, [my home page is] Joe's Goals."



August 28th


Lawrence Salberg: "If you are needing a simple way to track some goals that you need to get done each day, I'd highly recommend considering Joe's Goals. Unlike a lot of goal tracking software, Joe's Goals is very simple, very Web 2.0, and very hip. A child could use it. Try it and see if it will help you to remember to get those daily chores done a bit more often."



August 27th


Stress Fracture: Uses it to track blood glucose levels



August 22nd "Joe's Goals is a constantly evolving application with new features being introduced on a regular basis."



August 16th


Left From Seattle: "This is what I really like about the service. It is easy to see, at a glance, how well one is doing with one's goals. I can see that I really need to up the workouts and cut back on the sugar and sodas again."



August 11th "I've been using it for about a month to track exercise, eating fast food, drinking, spending, site updates and stuff like that and it's quite handy."


I Should Be Writing Podcast: Follow link to listen.



August 9th


Yellow Green: "Joe's Goals is helping me DO some of the things I want to do. My latest goal: Do as well or better than yesterday. (Joe's Goals gives points for getting your goals done, so it's easy to track how well I've done.)"


Bookworm: "There's something very satisfying about checking things off."



August 7th


Site Surfin': " is Mozilla-friendly. family-friendly and feature-friendly, too. So on the Sitesurfin' scale, rates an enthusiastic 'E' for everyone."


The Stingy Scholar: "Although the site contains few bells and whistles, the bear-bones approach might be just the necessary tonic to remember the important stuff: such a paying off your gambling debts." "what I think is the perfect Ajax application"



August 5th


Sensational Sites: "A really cool website that lets you easily keep track of all your goals."



August 4th "With Joe's Goals, you can keep track of all of the goals you wish to accomplish with the help of an easy-to-use web interface."


Maple Mama: Built Joe a cool chicklet! Use it on your site:



August 1st


FuzzyLizard: "Definitely check it out if you have goals that you would like to meet everyday and are having trouble tracking them."


Urbanity Online: "Feeling tired and exhausted all the time? Track daily goals related to health, such as getting 8 hours of sleep or drinking plenty of water, and then look at your pattern over a month to see whether or not your tiredness might be related to a health habit."



July 30th


Phat Mommy: "I love that this is web-based and I can track my goals for months"



July 29th


Parent Hacks Parent Hacks: "Let Joe help you track your goals"



July 28th


In Favor of Thinking: "If you spend some time reflecting on your larger goals (be a productive researcher; improve physical health; etc) and then choose a small number of defined, repeated behaviors that would help you achieve those goals, then you can use this tool to help you chart your progress."


Optimistic Online: "Nothing shows progress like a checkmark? or many blank spots during a week where a checkmark should have been had I actually made the goal for that day."



July 27th "What's your goal in life? What about your goal for this week? With Joe's Goals, you can keep track of all of the goals you wish to accomplish with the help of an easy-to-use Web interface."



July 26th


Natural Physiques Natural Physiques: "One way to track cheat meals is by using a simple goal tracking tool such as Joes Goals."


The Yahoo 9 The Yahoo 9: Video: "Just enter your objectives and check them off when they are achieved"



July 25th


Work For You: "simple and easy to use"



July 23rd


Ministry Of Tech: "lets users input individual goals, such as exercising, bringing a lunch to work or practicing music."



July 21st


Kunefke.US: "really easy to figure out"


A Work In Progress: "it's pretty satisfying to go for a nice run of green check marks, while simultaneously working to minimize the red x marks, battling to stay positive for the day. My life as a video game."



July 17th


Great Falls Tribune Great Falls Tribune: "Joe's Goals lets users input individual goals, such as exercising, bringing a lunch to work or practicing music. They can use the Web site to track their progress."



July 15th


Amidst a tangled web: "a simple and convenient way to keep track of your daily goals"



July 13th


bizhack: "It's such a perfect user interface that there almost isn't one."



July 12th


Self Help Diva: "looks like a really cool tool for people who likes tracking goals."


Matthew Stibbe: "The more I use this little website app, the more I like it." How many times have you said, "I'll get to that soon" or "I'll start my diet on monday?" Here's a Web site that will help you stop procrastinating and start reaching your goals.


Out Of Bounds: "I think you're going to love it."



July 11th "I look for it to continue developing and evolving - becoming the quintessential goals tracking method for the masses."


Self Help Daily Self Help Daily: "Very slick. Very fun. Very helpful."



July 10th "A Creative Way to Develop Your Habits of Success"



July 7th


Sturgeon's Law Podcast: "Top 10%"


Orlando Sentinel Orlando Sentinel: "Interesting and useful goal tracking application"



July 6th "Who ever this Joe guy is, he does a great job. The app has greatly improved since I started using it just a mere few weeks ago."


David Seah: "What's especially cool about this is that it's easy to see where a goal has been accomplished, and where it isn't; this triggers a completionist impulse in some people. You know, it's like having to pop every last bubble in a piece of bubble-wrap. If you're one of those people, you probably would get a kick out of this too."



July 5th


Postbubble Postbubble: "Joesgoals is probably the easiest application I have ever seen to track tasks on. The second you signup you add a goal and the rest goes from there."



July 4th


WCVB-TV Boston WCVB-TV Boston: "Here's a site that will help you stop procrastinating and start reaching your goals."


Monkey See, Monkey Do: "to help with that daily effort i used joesgoals."



July 3rd


GetSpot Now!: "Joe actually uses quite a bit of open source for this project, thats something that impress me."


The Chicken of Antioch: "pretty straightforward"


Superintendent Notebook: "simple, slick way to track your progress on achieving positive intentions (and avoiding negative ones)"


The Seattle Times The Seattle Times: "Web site helps you keep track of goals."



July 1st


gentlewhisper: "The ultimate sticker chart!"



June 29th


CEO Blog - Time Leadership: "One of the principles that I have long followed on goal setting is to not only set goals, but to track them. Joe's Goal Program is a way to log everyday your good and bad habits."



June 28th


secretGeek: "a genuine innovative little goal-setting tool"


Stumble Upon: "Just what you needed! Get organized all over again."



June 27th


Ian's Messy Desk: "A critical part of achieving goals is the tracking. Joe's Goals is an online service that will simplify the tracking process. Using a simple day-based grid, you enter your goals and mark accomplishments day by day. If you want some external accountability, you can share you goals with others."



June 25th


ThisNext ThisNext: "the perfect added incentive to stay on track"



June 24th "For a site as young as it is, JoesGoals is already very useful."



June 23rd "unique and easy-to-use"


yubnub yubnub: [yubnub shortcut : jgoal : Go to Joe's Goals]


PastorHacks.Net: "Insanely simple, free and shareable (let your spouse or buddy help hold you accountable)."



June 21st


relentless productivity: "There are 2 things that I like about this site: it is easy to set up, and it gives good feedback."


AJAXGallery.Net: "Joe's Goals is a nifty little site using the Yahoo! UI widgets to create an AJAX-enabled "goal tracker."



June 20th


Yahoo Directory Yahoo Directory: "Simple, online progress tracking tool allows you to set goals and monitor your success in achieving desired outcomes, or lack thereof."


Jesser.Org: "my favorite new site in a long time."


Everything 2.0: "Manage & share your tasks"


doug nelson: "Joe's Goals is a system for figuring out what you want to do on a daily basis, what you want to avoid doing, and how to chart these accomplishments. So far, it's helped me with a number of things like taking vitamins, oversleeping, shaving, etc."


JasonKolb: "This is pretty neat--kind of like Outlook ultra-lite. It's an AJAX-y Web application, very lightweight and fast. I'm actually using it, I threw it onto the Joesgoals Windows active desktop so it just sits in the background all day."



June 19th


Ajaxian Ajaxian: "Joe created a simple Ajax application that allows you to check off those goals"


cocogrillo: "simple yet powerful online tool"


ice on money: "Well worth a look for all you disorganized types."



June 17th


Juice Blog: "I love the simplicity but effectiveness of the interface."


Blog before you Think!: "lets you set goals (daily or weekly; positive or negative) and track your progress."



June 16th


SUNDOG: "A few days ago, I found what I think will be the end of my quest, Joe's Goals. [...] If you're looking for an extremely simple way to keep track of things in your life, you should check out Joe's Goals."


Slacker Manager: "super simple web-based goal tracker that has all the ajaxy stuff you've come to expect."


cre8ive hut: "Forget all complicated gannt charts, slack analysis, your good old excel table which you track your project progess (they don't work anyway, it they have you would not have missed your deadlines); just use Joe's goals. It is faster, easier, human friendly, obvious and understandable."


thedeadfisharmy: "Joe's Goals is a groovy little Ben Franklin web app"



June 14th


Curmudgeonblogger: "It is a great organizational tool." "very simple tool to give you some easy to use goal tracking"


Unleashing the Awesome: "I've made it my personal homepage, replacing My Yahoo"


short-sighted sid: "No.. Not the football kind, but what-i-want-to-do kind of goals. That's the goal of this website and its quite intuitive."


The Museum of Modern Betas:


Rancho Commons: "All you goal-oriented people are gonna love this one!"


El Ruso: "you get 1 point for completing a ?do? and -1 for completing a ?don't? and get to share the daily score with your friends (not sure I'd want to though)"


Sourcing Intention: "I have been using Joe's Goals for a third day and already I have been seeing results come out of it"



June 13th


LifeHacker LifeHacker: "Simple, slick way to track your progress on achieving positive intentions (and avoiding negative ones) online."


steven beelen: "cool service that allows you to track your progress in achieving your goals. If you're anything like me, this is a very handy tool. It allows me to rate my actions, connected to my goals."


NewYorkNews NewYorkNews: "It's the simple things that solve real problems that have the most potential to make a difference."


Life Of Robert: "nice little tool that you can use to help keep track of when you are doing things you want to do and when you are doing things you don't want to do"


The Daily Ramblings of an SMS Engineer: "I like this idea and for my personality type it would work well"


Screeniac Screeniac: [video screencast of how to use Joe's Goals]


Ryan Stewart: "It's a great example of ColdFusion and Ajax" "It is stupidly simple." "I wish more applications out there resemble Joe's Goals. After 2 minutes, I already know it's something I'll be using quite lot.

In a crowded sector of online todo list, Joe's Goals differentiated itself by focussing on the daily todos (and don'ts) and keeping track record of which you actually accomplished or commited each day. It is well done, very straight forward and intuitive.

Most importantly, it's useful and unique."



June 12th "It's so simple, and yet so effective."


Real Estate Blog Pro: "It looks as though it could be useful to the real estate agent who needs their day laid out in front of them in a more visual format. Its super simple to use and the Pro is gonna test drive it for a while."


Ajax Blog Ajax Blog: "pretty nifty goal-tracking site that uses lots of ajax."


Way.Nu: "very nice, lightweight goal-tracking web application"


RutRow: "Cool, simple"


Download Squad Download Squad: "The moment I saw Joe's Goals, I knew I liked it. It's not a social goal-tracker or another to-do list app-rather, it's web-based goal-minder with a great interface for your daily goals."


Webby's World: "Joe's Goals considers a very important thing: K.I.S.S. The Web 2.0 is lacking in K.I.S.S. at the moment. K.I.S.S. is a term often used in web design: keep it short and simple!"


CrispyNews CrispyNews: "Awesome. I have no affiliation w/ this Joe character, but I highly recommend this tool!"







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