Joe's Privacy Policy


Last Update: 08/09/06


Will Joe send me spam?


No! I don't like spam. I hate it! I do not sell your email address to anyone. Period.


I do send out regular product related announcements, but you can easily opt-out of these by using your account's Preferences page.


It is possible that in the future I may send out additional non-product related mailings (such as newsletters, etc) but you will be given plenty of time to opt-out of these mailings and I will honor all unsubscribe requests.


What does Joe knows about me?


The application tracks logins, page views, goal changes, goal marks, goal shares, send to friend emails, and most other interactions with the site. As part of this tracking I capture information such as browser version and ip address. Additional I track account information such as email, password, and name.


How is my personal data used?


Personal data (such as individual goal information) is stored in a database so it can be displayed back to you, charted, and shared with your friends. Additionally I use your personal information to compile usage statistics such as total number of users, total number of goals, most common goals, and total number of checks. Additionally the Get Inspired section of Joe's Goals programmatically compiles and displays usage statistics for common goals. No identifiable user information is associated with this statistical information however. I do sometimes pull reports to look at individual goals or overall user activity; however, with the exception of debugging user specific issues, I don't associate your personal information with your email address or other identifiable account information. All I see are cryptic user IDs.


Does Joe use cookies?


Do I ever! I love cookies! Especially the chocolate ones. Love them so much I even have them as a personal vice!


Oh, you mean browser cookies. Yes, I use those too. I use cookies to maintain your session with the server so you don't have to login every time you visit my site.


How can I contact Joe?


Use our easy contact form.


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