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What does it take to bring Joe's Goals down?

So some of you may have noticed that Joe's Goals went down today (August 16th at around 5:AM Pacific Time). While your first thought may have been that I rolled out some untested code, I wanted to assure you that the problem was much bigger than that. It appears some good folks doing work outside the datacenter where Web 2.0 is hosted cut the fiber line and all hell hit the fan. The pictures were so cool I just had to put them up somewhere.

While the Verizon techs initially tried to fix it (are they out of their minds?! Look at that cut! Brain surgery would be easier than that, and quicker!) they gave up after four hours and decided to run a brand new line to the datacenter. They got it installed and service was restored around 5:15 PM Pacific Time.

Thanks for your patience!


5:45 PM - Looks like someone posted this to reddit.
6:05 PM - And now digg. Coolness! Care to digg it?


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